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Our games

♥ American Roulette

The well known international casino table. Lively quick game for a fun casino.

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♥ Blackjack

Also known as 21, the card game by excellence found in every casino on the planet.

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♥ Bonneteau

Bonneteau is the illustrious street card game, where players from three cards (one with company logo and two blank cards) have to find the printed card.

So it comes down to having faster eyes than the hands of the croupier.

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♥ Craps Of Chuck A Luck

The reference Las Vegas Dice game. We can provide the full game ore a simplified version more suited for inexperienced audiences.


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♥ French Roulette

The original casino roulette as played in Monte Carlo. Two dealers push your earnings with a rake to you and throw your bets with lots of agility on the table.

Mesdames, messieurs, faites vos jeux !!

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♥ Moneywheel

American gambling room item where you bet on dollars and win! Easy learning. Eyecatcher with its big wheel.

Are you the next lucky one at The Moneywheel?


♥ Caribean Stud Poker

Known from the cruise ships, the easy poker brings you tropical influences.

Rent at Gambler Company that nice poker table !!! Do you wanna play??

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stud poker

♥ Texas Hold' em poker

The well known game since ‘Casino Royale’. Has been played for decades in the USA, bus is now also a big Hit in Europe. Ideal for tournaments.

Will you finally win The Royal Flush!!

Go "all-in" with Texas hold em.

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texas hold em

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