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Everything you need to know for your casino event

♣ Is this legal? Do you have a license?

To organize this form of animation, we have the permission from the gambling committee. All casino games are thus legally played. Played with fake money.

♣ Can we play for real money?

This is really completely excluded. There can never, under any circumstances, be used 1 euro. The games are always played with counterfeit notes that are provided by us free of charge. For a small fee, we put your logo on the fake money.

♣ May our children play along?

No, even with fake money, we do not allow minors at our tables. This is an ethical issue where we believe that we should not have children encourage gambling.

♣ What about the structure and breakdown?

Normally, both construction and breakdown are included in the agreed price. Only if the construction has to be done very far from the loading and unloading area, or on a floor without elevator, or many hours before the event itself, an additional fee may be requested.

♣ Can all tables enter the location?

Normally all tables can easily enter anywhere, since everything can be separated. Only on a spiral staircase or so can we have difficulties with the French roulette, craps or tiercé table. We then view this together with the location for the event.

♣ What about the lighting?

We have appropriate lighting for all tables ourselves. With a normal ceiling height we can also place them. We of course need power supply within a reasonable distance (we use one ordinary light bulb per table). We also have the necessary extension cables and multiple connectors.

♣ Do you also have decorative options?

We have 3 jackpots (table model) available. These are indeed only for decoration. The jackpots exude atmosphere, and also lighten the case. Furthermore, we have some illuminated signs available.

♣ From how many people can we make a company outing?

Groups from 10 people can come to us for a company outing.
Is your group smaller than the minimum number of participants? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

♣ We can go to Gambler Company with a small budget?

You can also book a company outing with a small budget. A nice day does not have to be expensive!

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